English Premier League – Match Day 1 Review

It’s finally here!  The EPL is back baby and the Armchair Gaffers couldn’t be more excited.  Lets start with a list of the games that happened this past week and catch everyone up on the scores.


Not any huge surprises this week.  The Wolves did well in their first Premier League game since 2012.  Everton’s Phil Jagielka was issued a red card in the 40th minute.  At first the referees said it was due to denying a goal scoring opportunity which it clearly was not.   Later on they withdrew that statement and said it was a malicious tackle.  That reasoning was certainly better than the first, but I think that should have been a yellow.  These are two team that I am very excited to see what they can bring this year.

Manchester United has been the talk of the league recently.  Mourinho is entering his third season with United and as expected the interviews are nothing short of spectacular.  Once agin he claims that he’s not getting enough transfers to bolster his roster.  The team finished second place last year and with the addition of Fred in the midfield they should be a strong team as usual.  We’re all waiting for Mourinho to implode though.

Sarri ball is here!  Chelsea won a dominating game over Huddersfield winning 3-0.  Jorginho looked great running the midfield and his penalty kick left Hamer absolutely stunned by a brilliant penalty kick.  The first half was a little rough for Chelsea as it is absolutely going to take some time for the team to adjust to the new play style.  Hazard joined the game late and it was nice to see that as soon as he stepped on the field there was a difference in the momentum of the game and he assisted a great goal to Pedro.  Look for Hazard to have a career year under Sarri.

Manchester City once again looked like dominant team in the league beating newly managed Arsenal 2-0.  Arsenal did not look well at all and they will obviously need time to adjust to Emry’s tactics and style of play.

The big winners this week though were Liverpool with a romping of West Ham United 4-0.  These guys looked amazing. Mane netted two goals (even though one was clearly offsides) with Salah and Sturridge getting the other two.  Liverpool have a huge advantage this season with other top six teams struggling internally or with brand new managers and systems.  Are the planets aligned this season for Liverpool to win their first Premier league title?  37 more match days to find out!


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