UEFA Champions League Final Predictions

Liverpool vs Real Madrid. Champions League Final.


The stakes don’t get bigger than this. Can Real Madrid go three in a row and their four in 5 years? OR will Liverpool pull off the upset? Zidane has led Real Madrid through PSG, Juventus, and Bayern on their way to the final and has found a way to win in every situation. Liverpool and Klopp’s men have played some exciting football and disposed of Porto, Manchester City, and Roma on their way to the final.

We know both these clubs can score goals and both of these clubs have been known to let in a few as well. Here’s to hoping its a great Champions League Final with lots of goals and excitement for all!

Bento, who you got…

Bento: Let’s make one thing clear…these teams are going to score. It’s what they’ve been built to do.  The real piece here is going to be the midfield and most importantly the defense. I feel this all comes down to Liverpool.  Will we see the amazing defense that Klopp has created post-January transfer window? Or will we see the old defensive Liverpool that has struggled to hold leads all season? I realize that every team has to have moments of luck on their side to make it to the Champion’s League final.  Sadly, I feel like Liverpool’s luck will run out on Saturday. It won’t be a blowout, in fact, it’s going to be a very close match.

Real Madrid 3-2 Liverpool.

Rob: This is a tough call. I think this match is going to come down to the managers. Who will get the tactics right? Will Zidane pinch down those fullbacks and limit the attack? Will Real just try to outscore Liverpool? Will Klopp have his squad sit back at first and absorb pressure like they did against Manchester City at the Ethiad? If Real come out swinging and try to score that first goal it could go either way. If Real Madrid score first and Liverpool are chasing the match, that will only play to Real’s favor. If Liverpool can score that first goal, they could hit Real on the counterattack, which we know is their biggest strength. I think Real Madrid’s organization and experience could play a big part as they know what to expect and won’t feel those big game jitters and Liverpool’s younger, more worn down, players could be susceptible to some mistakes. I think Liverpool’s speed and pressing could catch Real out and Liverpool will notch a goal first.

Real Madrid 2-3 Liverpool.

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