EPL End of the Year Report Card 2017/2018: Manchester United

Top Scorer:

Romelu Lukaku: 16 goals

Top Assists:

Paul Pogba: 10 goals

Key Player:

David De Gea takes the key player role this year for Manchester United.  With 37 appearances, 18 clean sheets, 115 saves, and only 28 goals allowed, De Gea is one of the biggest reasons for Manchester United finishing second in the table this year.

2017/2018 Season Performance:

This season was a 0 trophy year for Manchester United despite finishing second in the table to the mighty Manchester City.  Many Manchester United fans would consider this year a failure. They dropped out early in the Champions league knockout to Sevilla in the round of 16, they had a very poor performance against Chelsea in the F.A. Cup final, and to top it off, they lost to Bristol City in the Carabao Cup semi-finals.  Will Manchester United ever return to the hay days of the Sir Alex era?

There were some shining moments to Manchester United’s season.  Jesse Lingard looks like a real promising midfield attacker.  Lingard made 33 EPL appearances in which he netted 8 goals and gave 5 assists. This kid is going to blow up! Watch him next season.

In terms of disappointments, what is going on with Paul Pogba?  For the excitement that he garnered when he came to Manchester United he’s on the borderline of being a bust.  The fans are quickly turning on him and when you color your hair light blue for the Manchester Derby, that doesn’t help at all.  Can Pogba show the world what he can do in the upcoming World Cup for France?  We’ll have to wait and see.

Grade: B-

No trophies this year, but finishing a strong second in the EPL table.  Mourinho really needs to work out his starting XI for next year. 

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