EPL End of the Year Report Card 2017/2018: Chelsea

Top Scorer:

  • Eden Hazard: 12 Goals

Top Assists:

  • Willian: 7 Assists

Key Player:

It should come as no surprise that Eden Hazard is Chelsea’s key player yet again.  Though he didn’t have his greatest year with 12 goals and 4 assists, he was still an integral part of the team.  He started on the bench early in the season nursing an ankle injury but came back strong and helped the team win the FA Cup.

2017/2018 Season Performance:

Chelsea had an interesting season this year.  Coming off of an EPL Championship last year, the blues were favorites to make a run for it again this year.  The very first game of the year versus Burnley really set the tone for how this season would go.  It had some ups, but also had a lot of downs.  Chelsea spent nearly a half of a billion Euros on transfers this season and the majority of them were complete busts.  This also attributed to the trouble with the board and manager Antonio Conte.  The only signing that really made a difference this year was Olivier Giroud.  The club record breaking signing, Alvaro Morata started out really strong, but quickly fell off even though he was Chelsea’s second highest scorer.  Sources say that he has been nursing a pretty bad back injury all season long, which could certainly be a factor in his poor performance.  However, when you watch these games, it’s clear that Morata has had a hard time adjusting to life in the English Premier League. He’s constantly going down at even the slightest touch, and he is always arguing with the referees.  This was a real hard change to watch after seeing Diego Costa dominate the striker position in previous years.

Sadly, Chelsea ended up getting 5th place in the league and will not see Champions League action next year.  The only saving grace is that they did pull off a 1-0 victory over Manchester United to win their 8th F.A. Cup.

The future looks bright for Chelsea though, with an inevitable manager change coming soon and Abromovich committing to spending big this off season, the 2018/2019 season could be a good for for the Blues.

Grade: B-

Chelsea’s up and down season was hard to watch this year, but winning the F.A. Cup made it end on a high note.

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