Everyone Wants To Go Everywhere, and Everywhere Wants Everyone. Transfer Rumors Are Out of Control.

If you’ve spent 15 minutes in the past two years following any kind of politics, you hear the term “fake news” being thrown around a lot. Before all of these political articles though, the world has been eating up fake news for years in the way of transfer rumors.  Yes, transfer rumors are the original fake news and it’s become it’s own separate entity in the football world.  Years ago it was fairly innocent.  A world superstar would say something in press conference about being unhappy where he was and another team’s ownership would have their own conference going on the record saying “We’d love to have that player here!”.  Alas, the transfer rumor is born.

As we approach the 2018 summer transfer window though, all of this has completely gone off the rails.  Years ago the transfer rumors would begin a month or so prior to the window opening, now, rumors are flying all year long.  Every transfer window we hear that the biggest stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are leaving to go to this club or that club.  It’s gotten so out of hand that even Managers are now getting looped into the transfer rumor articles. Conte, Allegri, Sarri, Simeone, Wenger; you name them and there is an article somewhere about where they are going to end up.  At first this was very entertaining. However, like the boy who cried wolf, you can’t trust anything anymore.


The transfer rumor market has become completely flooded with absolute nonsense.  There are so many soccer news sites out there and they are all trying to be number one. More importantly though, it’s all about those clicks. Clicks bring viewers to websites, which in turn brings viewers to advertisements.  Like everything else in life, the all mighty dollar rules here and soccer fans are the ones that suffer.  We have to sift through rumor, after rumor, after rumor, trying to figure out if our favorite player is coming or going. Of course some of these rumors turn out to be true, but a vast majority of them you will hear about once, and then it’s never spoken of again.  How can we bring back the reigns on this and go back to a time where credibility was king?

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