West Brom’s New Manager: The Players Have Spoken

It’s been a wild couple of weeks for West Brom. Many people, included us here at the AG, thought the Baggies were done and dusted. We were wrong.

Now Jonny Evans has spoken to the BBC at the Northern Ireland Football Awards in Belfast regarding the next manager of West Brom. No surprises here.

“He’s a fantastic person and I think all the players at this moment in time would like to see him keep the job,” said Evans. “But the club could go a different direction and us as players will have to accept whatever decision they’re going to make.”

“You could say that everyone had written us off and accepted relegation, maybe the players had [too], and Darren Moore has come in and he’s been fantastic.”

Darren Moore has been the manager of West Brom since April 2nd. Naturally, a new manager can mean a lot of things for a club. We usually see a little uptick in performance. But in Darren Moore’s case, its been a tidal wave. Beating Manchester United, Newcastle, and Tottenham and drawing Swansea City and Liverpool in April. I don’t think you can ask for anything better from an interim manager for a club who is facing relegation. Those fucks could have just turned over and stayed in bed with their WAGs and been fine to fight for promotion next season.

“I don’t think he ever expected that we’d be back in this position but we are and it’s a credit to everyone that we were able to do that and come the weekend, hopefully we’re in the position where we can rectify the wrongs that we’ve done this season.”

Darren Moore played for West Brom from 2001 to 2006 and helped them gain promotion to the Premier League twice. If West Brom do get relegated, is there anyone who deserves a shot to get them back to the top division next season more than Darren Moore?

Good on you Moore. Hopefully, we see you again soon. Or you somehow pull a rabbit out of your ass and keep them in the top flight this year. Gonna be a wild finish.

UPDATED: And now, West Brom’s Caretaker, Darren Moore has won the Premier League Manager of the Month for April.


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