BREAKING: Zeljko Buvac Now 2/1 Odds to Replace Wenger

According to, Zeljko Buvac is set to become Arsenal’s next manager.

Normally, a single sourced article from an organization in Bosnia wouldn’t catch too much attention, especially the way transfer rumors have gotten way out of control in recent windows. However, Buvac is from Bosnia and that made me dig in a little deeper.

This is also the organization that leaked Klopp and Buvac coming to Liverpool in October 2015. Which turned out to be spot on. Pavadbl seems to have a good link with Buvac, who they vaunt as a local hero.

With Buvac leaving Liverpool for the rest of the season, lots of fans were wondering what was happening. It was rumored that there was a falling out between the manager, Jurgen Klopp, and his assistant. However, nothing reliable had materialized to back up that claim.

It seems as though Buvac has returned to Bosnia and the “personal matters” are most likely to get his affairs in order to return to England for another season. Only this time the season will be spent in London.

Sky Bet now has Buvac as favorite to land the Arsenal job at 2/1 odds. Followed by Massimiliano Allegri at 4/1 and Luis Enrique at 6/1.


More to follow.

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