What has happened to West Ham United?

Pablo Zabaleta, Marko Arnautovic, Andy Carroll, Javier Hernandez, Joao Mario, Joe Hart, and Patrice Evra led by David Moyes. If I told you these players were assembling to create a team in the English Premier league, you would probably think “not too bad”.  Sure the players are a bit older, but the experience and quality is there.  So why is West Ham United just 3 points above relegation this year?

David Moyes

David Moyes is a dreadful 7-9-12 since taking over as West Ham United manager in 2017 replacing Slaven Bilic. Moyes took over for Bilic after a series of poor results, however, Moyes hasn’t seen much improvement.  The team is only 3 points above relegation and with Leicester City, Manchester United, and Everton left to play, staying out of the bottom three spots is not going to be easy.  Moyes’ also had a hand in Sunderland’s current downfall as well.  He managed the team from July 2016 to May 2017 and they are now in their second straight year of relegation heading into League 1 next season. Moyes was 8-7-28 with the club.  West Ham United has vowed to stay with Moyes for at least another season if he can avoid relegation this year.

London Stadium

After some legal troubles purchasing this stadium, West Ham United secured a 99-year lease deal for London Stadium in March 2013 and in August 2016, this became West Ham United’s new home. The stadium itself is very nice, with 57,000 people and a very modern feel.  It helped to host the 2012 Olympic games.  The real issue with this stadium is that it’s not very soccer friendly.  The stadium is not easy to get to, so travel can be bothersome, but most importantly, there is a massive, 9 lane track that runs around the entire field.  Even in the front row of the stadium, you feel so far away from the action.  The staff has tried to remedy this by putting seats a t ground level, but it just doesn’t feel like an atmosphere you’d expect from Premier League game.

Olympic Stadium

The Fans

West Ham United fans are intense to say the least.  They have a long standing of being hooligans.  Recently, the fans were invading the pitch at games, and planted the corner flag in the middle of the pitch. The supporters were chanting at the upper brass of the organization so much so that it caused the owner and his family to be evacuated from the stands.  Some fans were interviewed and said that families were leaving because children were frightened.  This is certainly an extreme way to make your voice heard, but the fans are growing tired of this constant trend.  I’d hate to be at a home game if that is the game that relegates them to the Championship League.

The Players

Andy Carroll has been injured for most of the year which seems to be the norm for him recently. The roster for this team isn’t top-notch in the Premier League, but it’s certainly built well enough to be a mid-table team.  Most of the fans and media are blaming Moyes, but that seems to be the case when teams that should be good on paper are not performing.  Moyes also hasn’t had a good run since taking over for Manchester United. to make matters worse, Chicarito has mentioned that he wants to move on from West Ham United in the summer.  Javier Hernandez has been coming in off of the bench a lot this season, and you can see his dilemma since many teams in the EPL would love to have someone like him in his starting 11.

It will be interesting to see where West Ham United end up in the EPL this year, and what kind of changes they will make in the off-season, but they certainly have a lot to work through.


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